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Want to give a gift for Valentine’s Day, but not sure what to pick? This sampler is a perfect option for your special someone. Included is one (1) Bubble candle in red fragranced with our signature Bouquet scent of geranium, chamomile, rose and jasmine; one (1) Heart-shaped patterned candle in rose fragranced with rose; (1) Geometric-shaped candle in medium blue fragranced with chamomile; (1) Bubble candle in bubblegum pink fragranced with cinnamon; (1) Circular-shaped candle in Lavender fragranced in Lavender, (1) Geometric-shaped candle in frosted lemon fragranced with jasmine and (1) Gift bag of 12 mini wax melts in a variety of scents of the candles listed in the kit.

Valentine’s Day Sampler 2

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