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Image of all colors and products offered by Beauty From Ashes from inverted bubble, bubble, geometric and circular design ranging in colors from apricot yellow, rose, jade, turquoise, lavender, and more.

At Beauty From Ashes, we know that God designs the most beautiful creations from the burned ashes of our lives.  The candles we make represent how the burning of oils, symbolic of what we build in our lives, can become a beautiful scented offering to God.  The primary ingredient used in the candles is beeswax, which is chosen for the nature of the sustainable resource.  The scented candles provide lovely fragrance from essential oils. Upon opening our new company online in 2023, we are building a reputation for creating luxurious, useful and well-designed products.

Though we primarily ship to customers through our website, our commitment to superior quality is top priority. All of the items made in our Waxhaw studio are sourced, crafted and packaged with care.  

Where It All Began

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