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Safety Practices

Image of an arrangement of tealights with a bubble candle at the center displayed inside clear votives alongside of a reed diffuser and a moss-covered spherical decor.

DISCLAIMER:  When burning candles, they should not be left unattended.  Place away from any windy areas or vibrating movements. Keep out of contact and reach of children and pets.  Do not burn near or on surfaces that can catch fire.  Most candles require a container or holder to burn.  Wax may pool and spill over, which is hot so do not touch.  Do not attempt to move the candle while lit as burns can easily occur from the flame and/or wax.  Our natural flower-infused campfire igniters are designed to start your campfire with a slow burning method without the unpleasant after effects.  Wick is attached for easier lighting.  Place the item at base of the wood towards center of logs.  Light the wick, then step away.  The flowers will catch fire and create a flame that will catch fire to the rest of the wood surrounding.  Meant for outdoor use only.  Beauty From Ashes is not responsible for damages from improper use. Please carefully follow burning instructions that come with each order.

Image of bubble candles and tealights in colors apricot yellow, orange creamsicle, and rose centered in front of two pastel pink floral arrangements in green vases on top of a wooden decorative table.
Image of circular and geometric shaped candles centered between tealights placed in votives featuring colors mint green, beige, and jade in front of two pastel pink floral displays in green vases arranged on a decorative wooden table.

Store Policies

Beauty From Ashes is dedicated to a safe, quality product designed for your enjoyment.  We are committed to creating the best items, but we are happy to try to make things right if issues arise.


If damaged upon receipt or you are dissatisfied with the purchase, we would be happy to make another candle upon discussed resolution. Should an agreed upon replacement not meet your satisfaction, we will be happy to return the transaction to you.  To better serve you in the future, please include the reason for return within 30 days with proof of purchase and we will get the funds returned as soon as possible.  Refunds may take up to 3-5 business days.


Candle holders sold on the website are purchased for re-sell.  The accessories are not created by Beauty From Ashes, but were selected for their sustainability and added quality as well as appeal when burning our candles.  Please use precaution as the candle holders are made of glass and are fragile.  Handle with care and keep out of reach of children and pets.

Item Color 

Color dye used for candles is measured in liquid drops.  Coloring may slightly vary due to the process.  Custom order colors are upon email request and may take longer to produce.  We will attempt to offer a variety, but may be limited to certain color spectrum results.  Please discuss with us before ordering to ensure best possible results.

Scented Wax

The beeswax used for making the candles is naturally lightly fragranced of honey.  Candles listed as Original may have this scent without added fragrance.  Candles are designed with essential oils for scent.  The custom made option is for other scents not listed on the website.  Please contact with questions for availability other than the scent listed online.


Pricing of items are set as subtotal costs.  Sales Tax will apply where applicable according to federal, state, or county requirements, Shipping may vary upon order.  Free shipping may be offered when available as an incentive with bigger orders.  Deals are limited time offers and will be honored when purchased during the promotional period.  

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